Locating the Machine Learning for Dummies, 2nd Edition Source Code

A reader recently wrote to say that the source code for Machine Learning for Dummies, 2nd Edition on GitHub is incomplete. Actually, that wasn’t originally one of the download sources for the book’s code and we had used that site for an intermediary code location, so it wasn’t complete. The GitHub site code is complete now, but we’d still prefer that you download the code from one of the two sites listed in the book: On my website at http://www.johnmuellerbooks.com/source-code/ (just click the book’s link) or from the Wiley site at https://www.wiley.com/en-us/Machine+Learning+For+Dummies%2C+2nd+Edition-p-9781119724056 (just click the Downloads link, then the download link next to the source code you want). The two preferred sites offer the source code in either Python or R form in case you don’t want to download both.

When you get the downloadable source, make sure you remove it from the archive as described in the UnZIPping the Downloadable Source post. Using the downloadable source helps you avoid some of the issues described in the Verifying Your Hand Typed Code post. Please let me know whenever you encounter problems with the downloadable source for a book at [email protected].