Memorial Day – A Time of Remembrance (Reposted)

A number of people have asked me to repost this particular blog entry. As you know, this upcoming weekend is Memorial Day, which is a time we should remember the sacrifices made by our military to keep us free. So, without further adieu…

Many Americans have lost sight of the significance of Memorial Day. For them it has become a time to partyto celebrate something, anything. I spent 10 years of my life in the Navy serving my country—I
look on it as the hardest 10 years of my life. Fortunately, I was never
called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice that so many people have.
Although I’m sure that most of these dear departed liked a good party as
much as anyone else, it’s also important to remember why we’re taking a
day off.

Our freedom cost many lives. In fact, our freedom is
drenched in the blood of all of those who heeded their country’s call to
duty. Memorial Day is a time to reflect on the extreme sacrifice of
those who have fought and died to ensure that you can be safe in your
bed each night, exercise control over your government, and choose to do
things like protest an unpopular decision made by those in office. In
fact, they died to ensure that you’d also have the choice to do
absolutely nothing at allyes,
it’s a privilege to decide what to do and when to do it, even if that
means doing nothing. During my time in the service, I saw how many
people in the world live and I truly wouldn’t want to live like them. I
consider America the greatest country in the worldGod has truly blessed us.

won’t deny that celebrating the lives of those who fought for our
freedom is a good idea. However, take a few minutes to also think about
the sacrifice these people have made on your behalf. If you see a
service member, be sure to thank them for the time they spent serving
your needsusually in less than happy conditions. Memorial Day is much more than another holidayit’s
a time to reflect on just how good people have it in this country. Make
your Memorial Day celebration special this year, take time to consider
just how valuable your freedoms are and the price someone paid to get
them. If you want some other ways to observe the holiday, check out How to Observe Memorial Day.

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