Discovering the Right e-Book Format

As I start to get more involved in planning my first self-published e-book, I’ve been looking into the requirements for putting such a document together. When you write for a living, you get used to having a whole plethora of skilled individuals to help you put a nicely rendered document together. There are a number… (read more)

Update on Subscribing to Blog

Blog and other types of online subscriptions depend on something like RSS or Atom to tell an application, usually a browser or e-mail reader, where to find the information. My Blog supports RSS. The RSS feeds are simply a kind of document that describes content. OK, yes, they’re a little more complicated than that, but… (read more)

3D Printed Buildings

Like most new technologies, 3D printing is going to go through stages where people scratch their heads and wonder whether the technology will really work for some purpose. Previous blog posts have covered a number of interesting uses for 3D printing. The story really began to take shape in Potential Commercial Uses for 3D Printing…. (read more)

Subscribing to My New WordPress Blog (Reposted)

A number of people have reported that they’re no longer getting their feeds from the blog. So, I’ve reposted these instruction from June 27th to help out. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I want to be sure everyone who wants access, has access. During the moving process from my… (read more)

Review of Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm

One of the more interesting things about working out of your home is that you get a number of business visitors. I don’t receive visitors every day, so there is no need for a receptionist or anything that fancy. However, given that I don’t know these people most of the time and it would be… (read more)

Writing Letters

It seems outdated, old fashioned, archaic, and all the other superlatives you can attach to it—writing letters, by hand, and then mailing them sees like something that no one does anymore. Contrary to common belief, letter writing isn’t completely dead in this electronic world of instant communication using text messages. I’ve been writing regularly to… (read more)

Dealing with a Rainy Summer

It has been a rainy summer so far in Wisconsin. Thank goodness it hasn’t been the kind that sees lots of flooding, as we had in 2008 when the entire town flooded out and I was locked in the house for days at a time. No, this has been a lighter, steady sort of rainy… (read more)

Python as a Learning Tool

Python is a great tool for learning how to code because it provides a robust programming environment that lends itself to accomplishing a lot of work using little code. However, Python does all this without using an obscure programming environment with arcane rule—it really is a straightforward programming tool. In addition, the use of an… (read more)

WebM Replacing the Animated GIF?

There is always some new technology out there trying to replace the reigning king (or queen). The Graphic Interchange Format (GIF) has a colorful history, but is mainly used today for animated GIFs—those short sequences of animation that you see spread throughout the Internet (and many intranets as well). In fact, you can find animated… (read more)