Lampooning Our Societal Woes

Normally I don’t write much about comedy in my blog because it really isn’t my strongest talent as an author. In fact, you’ll find some tongue-in-cheek humor in my books at times, but I generally downplay it in favor of other kinds of presentation. Even so, I can’t help but appreciate great humor, especially when it makes me laugh about something everyone else is presenting in the worst possible light. Laughter truly is the best medicine and with all of the negative things happening in our society, we could all do with a good laugh about now.

That’s why a particularly humorous piece, What to Do About the Detroit Bankruptcy, by Wally Wang (a good friend of mine) caught my attention. It’s great satire that’s presented in a way that everyone can read. There is no swearing or off-color jokes to ruin the genuinely humorous piece. It’s the finest type of humor. You should read something like this because it truly is funny, rather than because it evokes an odd side effect due to the internal embarrassment evoked by some of the supposedly comedic presentations today. Some comedy simply isn’t funny.

It’s easy to become mired in a wallow of self-pity and doubt. Sensationalizing the bad news of the day to make it appear even worse doesn’t take a lot of effort. It seems at times as if society is devoted to hearing and believing the worst. Creating an environment where we can laugh a little at adversity and potentially see a solution where there was none before really does take talent. Take the time to enjoy a little humor today at the expense of our nation obsession with bad news. You’ll feel better for it and might even see that rainbow you were looking for all along.