Review of LED Keeper

On Tuesday I reviewed LED Christmas lighting and found that it’s lacking in some major areas. Normally I don’t post two reviews in a single week, but this week is different because this review is about a product that can help mitigate the repair issue with those lights. The LED Keeper helps you find and repair problems with LED Christmas lighting sets, even if the set is supposedly not repairable. Now that I know how to use the product, I wouldn’t be without it. The company also produces a tool named Lightkeeper Pro for incandescent light sets. Both products make finding and repairing bad bulbs a lot easier.

The LED Keeper works by passing a current through the light set at the point where a failure occurs. The device actually pierces the insulation and injects a 9 volt signal through the line to help you locate the bad bulb. You use clips to help you keep track of how the bulbs light. It actually doesn’t take many tries to locate the bad bulb. The best way to see how this product works is to view the instructional video.

You should note a few things about this tool. First, you need to untwist the wires in order to clip onto the wire that holds the bulb you want to check. The video doesn’t make this very clear.

Second, I found the tool cumbersome to use with the lights in place. Yes, I eventually got it to work, but the best policy seems to be to wait until you take the lights down at the end of the season and perform the required repairs then, when you can work at a table or other easily accessed surface.

Third, you only get two replacement pods. You use a pod to replace a non-replaceable bulb—one that has been glued in place. The pods are what makes it possible to turn an unrepairable LED light set that you’d normally need to throw out into something you can salvage. Fortunately, it’s possible to buy additional pods in sets of four. However, I had to contact the company to find this information out because it isn’t mentioned anywhere on the packaging or as part of the instructional video.

These few problems aside, I found the LED Keeper worked extremely well. I tested it on three damaged light sets and it repaired them all. Given that LED Christmas tree light sets are a bit on the expensive side, having this tool could save you a lot of money. The part I like best about this product is that you don’t have to be an electrical engineer to use it. Yes, you do need to be handy, but most people who can handle a pliers without problem could easily use this product as well.