Missing Source Code Files for Beginning Programming with Python for Dummies

A number of readers have written to ask about the downloadable source code for Beginning Programming with Python For Dummies. At one point, the downloadable source was featured on the Extras page and I provided a link to it as part of the Getting Your Beginning Programming with Python for Dummies Extras post. The other extras are still in place, but the source code has moved location. You can now find it on the book’s main page immediately below the initial book description on the Downloads tab. I’m sorry for any confusion that the site setup change caused, but it actually took me by surprise as well and I had to research the actual location of the code. Those of you who asked me about the download through e-mail have already received a response.

I always want you to have the best possible learning experience with my books. That means having access to all the resources that the book has to offer. I’ll also keep providing required updates and tell you when others find errors so that you don’t have to work through it yourself. Please feel free to contact me with any book-specific questions you might have at John@JohnMuellerBooks.com.