Beta Readers Needed for Build Your Own PC on a Budget

There is a certain excitement about building your own system. You decide what hardware should go into the box and you decide how everything should be put together. A lot of people would like to have more control over how their system is configured, which is why I decided to write Build Your Own PC on a Budget. This book is intended for anyone who wants to build their own system. You don’t have to have prior hardware experience; although, the ability to use basic tools will most definitely help.

Of course, you might wonder what the purpose would be of building your own system. After all, you can go to just about any store or shop online and get a decent computer for almost nothing today. The systems you get in the store are built using the least expensive components available for the most part, unless you go to a “boutique store” such as Alienware, where you’ll pay through the nose for the system you really wanted. Building your own system means that you can pick and choose which components to emphasize for your particular needs. In fact, you can add non-standard parts to your system so that it can do more than most off-the-shelf computers can do. The point is that you can make this system however you want it to look without anyone placing any limits on what you can do.

The point of this book is to help you create a system that meets your needs, allows for future expansion, and still won’t break the bank. That’s a tall order, but this book will help you make the sorts of decisions you need to make in order to create such a system. You’ll find these topics discussed in the book.

  • Part I: Developing a PC Plan
    • Chapter 1: Defining What You Want
    • Chapter 2: Introducing the Major Parts
    • Chapter 3: Considering the Vendors
    • Chapter 4: Getting What You Need
  • Part II: Building the Hardware
    • Chapter 5: Installing the Motherboard
    • Chapter 6: Adding RAM and Processor
    • Chapter 7: Providing Video
    • Chapter 8: Mounting Permanent Storage
    • Chapter 9: Attaching Auxiliary Devices
  • Part III: Considering Networks
    • Chapter 10: Installing a LAN
    • Chapter 11: Connecting to the Internet
    • Chapter 12: Accessing Wireless Devices
  • Part IV: Installing the Software
    • Chapter 13: Installing the Operating System
    • Chapter 14: Accessing the Devices
    • Chapter 15: Choosing Applications
  • Part V: Performing Maintenance
    • Chapter 16: Maintaining the Hardware
    • Chapter 17: Managing the Software
    • Chapter 18: Preparing for Updates

As always, I want your input to helpĀ avoid making any errors in the book. If you have any desire whatsoever to build your own system from scratch, please contact me at [email protected]. In consideration of your time and effort, your name will appear in the Acknowledgements (unless you specifically request that we not provide it). You also get to read the book free of charge. Being a beta reader is both fun and educational.