Getting Your Beginning Programming with Python for Dummies Extras

On Monday I announced my latest book, Beginning Programming with Python For Dummies. This truly is the book you must have if you need to learn Python quickly and you don’t have a lot of experience. If you have already received your copy of the book or you’re simply curious, you want to check out the extras that come with this book. You can find them on the Dummies site at So, just what sorts of things can you get? Here is a list of the online content:

  • Cheat sheet: You remember using crib notes in school to make a better mark on a test, don’t you? You do? Well, a cheat sheet is sort of like that. It provides you with some special notes about tasks that you can do with Python that not every other developer knows. You can find the cheat sheet for this book at It contains really neat information like the top ten mistakes developers make when working with Python and some of the Python syntax that gives most developers problems.
  • online articles: A lot of readers were skipping past the part pages in the book, so I decided to remedy that. You now have a really good reason to read the part pages, and that’s online content. Every parts page has an article associated with it that provides additional interesting information that wouldn’t fit in the book. You can find the articles for this book at Here is a quick overview of the articles you find on the extras site:

  • Updates: Sometimes changes happen. For example, I might not have seen an upcoming change when I looked into my crystal ball during the writing of this book. In the past, that simply meant the book would become outdated and less useful, but you can now find updates to the book at
  • Companion files: Hey! Who really wants to type all the code in the book? Most readers would prefer to spend their time actually working through coding examples, rather  than typing. Fortunately for you, the source code is available for download, so all you need to do is read the book to learn Python coding techniques. Each of the book examples even tells you precisely which example project to use. You can find these files at

As always, I highly recommend that you download the book’s source code. Doing so will save you considerable time and frustration. In fact, when you write to me at, the first thing I’ll ask is whether you downloaded the source code.

Of course, you’ll also continue seeing extra content for the book on my blog. Always check out the Beginning Programming with Python for Dummies category to see new posts for this book. You’ll find all sorts of useful information in this category including: book fixes, source code fixes, answers to reader queries, and general Python news.


Author: John

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