Introducing Pegg Conderman

Tomorrow, you’ll meet an exciting new author in this space. Pegg Conderman will be joining me as a new voice on this blog. She has had experience with newspaper writing and definitely has a great eye for photography (so you can stop complaining about my out of focus pictures). The two of us will work together on posts in the Self-Sufficiency, Social Commentary, and Technical categories. It is my hope that her contribution to the blog will provide you with even better information and round out the kinds of information you receive here. More importantly, Pegg’s differing perspective on topics will help me provide you with alternative viewpoints on topics, which is something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time now.

Please be sure to tell Pegg hello and welcome her as you’ve welcomed me in the past. There will be a learning curve, but every new adventure in life involves a learning curve. Certainly, I’m constantly in learning mode as I navigate new technologies. I ask that you exercise patience in working with Pegg during this start-up period.

As always, thank you for your continued support for this blog and for my books. Every e-mail and comment you send is greatly appreciated and I always look forward to working with you on book-related topics.