Python as a Learning Tool

Python is a great tool for learning how to code because it provides a robust programming environment that lends itself to accomplishing a lot of work using little code. However, Python does all this without using an obscure programming environment with arcane ruleā€”it really is a straightforward programming tool. In addition, the use of an interpreter means that those who are new to coding can experiment and learn coding in an environment that provides immediate feedback. That’s the reason I’m so excited to have just completed the writing of Beginning Programming with Python For Dummies. I’ve been able to provide you with an amazing assortment of programming techniques in an easy to use format. You can read about the contents in my Beta Readers Needed for Beginning Programming with Python For Dummies post.

It appears that the universities in America agree that Python is the best language for learning purposes. A recent InfoWorld article entitled, “Python bumps off Java as top learning language” tells precisely why this language has become so popular. According to the article, eight of the top ten computer science departments now use Python as their training language of choice (along with a host of colleges and other schools). The fact is that everyone is beginning to realize that Python is the best language to learn coding techniques.

Of course, just learning how to code really isn’t enough. You really need to learn a language that will provide you with an income later. That’s where you might think Python falls down on the job and you’d be wrong. Python is used by a number of large organizations as their language of choice. In fact, Chapter 18 of my book tells you precisely where you can get an interesting job just by knowing Python. You should also check out Python Success Stories to see an amazing assortment of projects from large companies that rely on Python because of the special features it provides.

Is Python the right language for every need? No, it isn’t and my book also provides you with that sort of information. A lot of people get so excited about something new that they fail to look for the potential potholes. I’ve always felt that it’s my responsibility as an author to present both sides of a story and that’s just what I do in my book. You discover the pros and the cons of working with Python. You’ll find out that Python does have a distinct place in your programmer toolkit.

If I’ve gotten you just as excited about Python as I am, please be sure to contact me about my upcoming book at I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions about my upcoming book and how it can help you learn this exciting language quickly.


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