Broken Blog Links

A number of readers have made me aware of a new (and not so exciting) problem with the blog move. It turns out that a lot of the links for other locations on my blog are broken. In fact, it appears most (or possibly all) of them are.

During the move, the software inadvertently added another blog to the beginning of the domain for the link and it also added a .aspx extension to the end of the link. So, instead of creating a link for, you get a link for instead. The temporary solution is to remove the extra blog. from the beginning of the link and the .aspx (including the periods) at the end of the link by editing the Address field of your browser.

Yes, I understand that it’s a pain and you shouldn’t have to do it. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience. New posts most definitely won’t have the problem, but I’ll have to work my way back through older posts to fix them. Just why the software designed to automate the process of moving the blog made this error is beyond me. It’s an example of helpful software that turned out to be not quite so helpful as it should have been.

I’ll work on fixing the links as time permits. This move was inconvenient for everyone and it appears that it isn’t quite over yet. I’m asking you to be patient for the time being. If you see a link that still doesn’t work after applying the fix mentioned in this blog post, please let me know at I really do want all of the links to work so you can access information as needed 😎 .