Finding the Errata for Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework Step by Step

I’ve written about the potential for errors in books before as part of my Errors in Writing post. One of the reasons I have created this blog is to help you through some of the worst errors that make it into my books (despite the best efforts of myself, other professionals, and the hard working beta readers). Now that Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework Step by Step has been released, a few readers have noted a couple of glitches.

One of the most noticeable errors appears on page 384. Look at Steps 6 and 9. The graphics after the two steps have been swapped. The image shown after step 6 should actually appear after step 9. Likewise, the image shown after step 9 should actually appear after step 6. Generally, graphic mix-ups like this don’t occur, but they do sometimes and they always prove confusing for the reader. It’s one of those situations where the mix-up escaped everyone’s notice during the proofreading process and I’m sorry about any confusion the error might have caused as you start working through the procedures in this chapter. You can see more errors and additional information for this book in the Entity Framework Development Step-by-Step category of this blog.

There are also a couple of other minor errors that have been found by readers and uploaded to the errata page for this book on the O’Reilly site. The table shows the location of the error and the resolution you should use when working through that error. Generally speaking, if you see an entry in the table, it probably affects all versions of the book, not just the single version in which the error was originally found.

You should also go to the general page for this book to gain access to other publisher-supported resources for it. For example, the general page contains links for the companion content for the book, as well as a means to register your book purchase with O’Reilly.

I always want you to have a great experience using my books. Errors tend to make that experience less than stellar, but mistakes do happen and the best I can do is to tell you how to correct them once they’re found. If you ever find an error in this, or any other of my books, please be sure to write me at [email protected]. Thank you for continuing to support my writing efforts. I greatly appreciate your help.