CodeBlocks 12.11 Update (Final, for Now)

I had promised in my CodeBlocks 12.11 Update (Reminder) post to let you know about update information for the CodeBlocks 12.11 version. Because I received only a few messages from interested readers and all but one of them have said that the 10.05 posts are working fine for them, I’ve decided not to provide a new series of posts at this time. Of course, it may be that other people using C++ All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies will experience problems and I’ll need to provide those updates after all. Nothing is ever final here—only final until it needs to change.

My main goal is to ensure that readers have everything needed to use my book successfully. At the moment, it appears that they do, but please don’t feel your input isn’t valuable to me. Always feel free to write me about issues you have with my books. Whenever possible, I’ll provide the information you need to use my books successfully right here on this blog so you can access the information whenever you need it. You should always check my blog as your first resource for answering questions.

If there is any additional input on this particular issue, please feel free to write me at If I later find that a series of 12.11 posts is necessary, I’ll be more than happy to write them. In the meantime, keep those e-mails coming! I really enjoy hearing from you .