CodeBlocks 12.11 Update (Reminder)

Last week I wrote a post entitled, “CodeBlocks 12.11 Update.” So far, I’ve received only a few e-mails about the update. However, I’m still receiving e-mail on the topic and I want to be sure everyone is heard. If you haven’t had a chance to write me yet about the CodeBlocks 12.11 update and whether it affects you when working with my book, please contact me at

Part of the reason I ask about these updates is that I like to track how many people are using a particular update with my books. It helps me build a picture of my readers so that I can serve their needs better. The information also helps me understand how quickly people update particular products so that I have a better idea of when to ask publishers about a book update.

Often, I’m not successful in obtaining an update from the publisher unless there is a compelling reason to write one. That’s where you come in. Readers have provided me with more good reasons to provide an update than any other source I use for determining when one is needed. Your input really does matter, so please keep those e-mails coming. I plan to provide a post that will let you know whether I’ll write update posts for CodeBlocks 12.11 for C++ All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies next week Monday.