CodeBlocks 12.11 Update

A number of readers have recently begun writing me about issues with CodeBlocks 12.11 with the example code for my book. I originally wrote C++ All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies around the 8.02 release of CodeBlocks, which is still available at Just look halfway down the page and you’ll find the download you need. I still highly recommend that you use the 8.02 release with the book, simply because the newer product versions introduce compatibility issues that make it necessary for you to modify the example code in certain ways.

However, I also understand your desire to work with the latest version of the product. That’s why I wrote a series of posts about the 10.05 release of CodeBlocks and what you would need to do to make it work with the examples. Unfortunately, another group of readers has complained that the instructions are too hard to follow. The fix, of course, is to use the 8.02 release if you find that the 10.05 release isn’t working well for you. There isn’t much else I can do at this point to make things easier (although, I’m always open to your ideas).

What I’d like to know is how many readers are actually using the 12.11 release and whether the instructions for the 10.05 release also work in this case. My initial take is that there are at least a few readers who have found they need version 12.11-specific instructions, which would mean another series of blog posts to address changes to the examples. I’d start with the original code and wouldn’t force you to make multiple updates. As you might imagine, testing every example in the book and writing an update procedure for it (if necessary) will take time, so I want to be sure that there is interest in this series of posts.

If you have an opinion on this topic, please let me know. I’d like to determine how much interest there is in a series of posts that describe code changes needed to make my book work with the 12.11 update. Please contact me at with your ideas and questions.