Information Overload – The Conclusions

I’ve been
discussing the issue of potential information overload with my blog entries for the past several weeks now (see Information Overload) and it’s time to come to some conclusions. Several of you wrote in to tell me that you’d actually like me to write more. As nice as that would be, my current schedule won’t allow for it. In order to provide you with a high quality of writing, I need to focus my attention on a few good posts, rather that a flood of mediocre ones.

I received a total of 117 e-mails. Three of those e-mails wanted me to publish posts six days a week. Because that wasn’t one of the options, I chose not to chart them as part of the output you see here.


Strictly speaking, most of the blog readers would prefer that I publish posts four day a week. As you can see though, the numbers are pretty close. What I’ve decided to do is publish four posts a week from this point on, unless I happen to have an excessively easy week (when I’ll publish five) or an excessively hard week (when I’ll publish three). I’m hoping that the new schedule will meet with everyone’s approval.

As far as content is concerned, I only receive a few messages that talked about it at all. Most people seem quite happy with the content that you see on the blog now. There are some people who like the technical articles best and others who like the self-sufficiency articles best, but even amongst those who expressed a preference, they usually added that they liked at least some of the posts in the other category. For the moment, I’ll continue to post the mix of articles that I do now. Of course, I’m always happy to hear from you about blog issues. Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or concerns about the blog at all.