Review of an Interesting New Radio Show

One of the ways in which technology can help people is by exposing them to thoughts and ideas from other places. In my case, I’ll listen to radio programs from other areas of the world to gain a better understanding of what people are thinking in those places. Streaming radio broadcasts prove one thing—despite everyone’s best efforts, radio is still alive and well. Even if the station is computer controlled for the most part, I still find interesting shows to listen to during the day.

Sometimes a show is just entertaining or informative in its own right—making it an interesting way to discover something new. Notes from the Underground is a new show that airs from Alpine, California. A friend of mine, Wally Wang, is part of the cast and let me know about the show when we conversed through e-mail recently. So, not only do I get to stay in contact with events in California and a personal friend, but I get to hear an interesting bit of comedy mixed with fact.

The comedy is more along adult lines, but you won’t hear anything so offensive that it’ll make your ears burn. None of the cast will scream at you or swear until you wonder whether they actually know any other words. In fact, I have yet to hear anything I couldn’t say to someone else—not that I would always do so. Most of what you hear is good satire that pokes fun of a situation where the participants really should have known better.

However, to call this a comedy show would be to sell it short. Each of the segments also includes some useful information, or at least it’s information that will make you think. For example, during the latest show Sherri Diaz exposed some of the fallacies behind fad diets and described a number of the problems that they can cause. I knew about the grapefruit diet, but had no idea people were still ingesting tapeworms to lose weight or that people would think that a diet consisting solely of cabbage would be a good idea. Sherri also provides at least one (and usually multiple) good recipes with each show.

One of my favorite segments with Wally was his expose on useless weapons. This segment has actual historical value and discussed weapons that countries have tried during a time of war. In some cases, the results were horrific, but in others the results were strange (if not outright funny). For example, during the battle of Midway in WWII, the US found that its torpedoes needed work. Not only didn’t the torpedoes explode, but some Japanese sailors used the air bottle inside to torpedo as floatation devices when the torpedo broke apart on contact. This last week, Wally discussed the opium wars in China—another bit of history discussed with a mix of seriousness and humor.

I could probably do without the sports segment in each show, but I’m sure that many other people find it interesting. Of course, the sports commentary is local to California for the most part. Don’t get me wrong, Dane Henderson does a great job with this segment, it simply isn’t my cup of tea.

Other members of the cast chime in with interviews and other material that’s both interesting and humorous. Whether you find this show interesting enough to listen to each week (12:00 to 2:00 PST) depends on your interests and tastes. Each show seems to have gotten a bit better from the first one (this last week was the fourth show if memory serves me correctly). You can listen to this show at Give it a try and you’ll likely find yourself a bit smarter when the show is done .