VB2TheMax No More

A reader sent me an email this morning about an unfortunate change to one of the links in VBA for Dummies—one that I’m sure many readers will find offensive. It seems that someone has taken over the VB2TheMax site listed in the “Locating Just the Right Code” section in Chapter 17 of the 5th Edition of the book. This URL is located on page 387 of the English version of the book, but it may appear on a different page if you use a different language version of the book (or an older edition). The point is that I’m embarrassed about the change and apologize to everyone who finds the change offensive. I obviously couldn’t foresee that the site would be taken over by pornography when I originally included it in the book. Unfortunately, it appears that the site is no longer active and there isn’t any replacement for it that I can recommended. If anyone has an alternative URL, please send it to me at John@JohnMuellerBooks.com.

This brings me to a larger issue about URLs in books. They get outdated. In many cases, the URL simply fails to work because the owner takes the site down. If you ever find an outdated URL in one of my books, especially of the sort discovered by this reader, please let me know about it. I would prefer not to offend anyone and I’ll always provide updated URLs as I become aware of them.