Finding the Source Code for Start Here! Learning Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Programming

A number of people have written to say that they can’t find the source code for my book, “Start Here! Learn Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Programming.” As I discussed in my Source Code Download Issues post, it’s really important that you download the source code for my books to ensure you have the best possible chance of a great learning experience. You can find the source code for this book at:

If you experience any problem finding the site or downloading the code, please be sure to let me know. I’ll do whatever I can to ensure you get the source code you need to use the book productively.

In addition, make sure you let me know about any coding problems you experience. Yes, the examples are just that—examples. That means they don’t include error trapping found in a production application in many situations. If you type something weird, the application is most likely going to fail in an unexpected manner because it doesn’t contain the error trapping required to make it more robust. The error trapping is often left out for the sake of clarity, so that you can better understand the basis for the example. However, the code should still work well enough that you get the full benefit of working with it as you learn how to program in C#.

Of course, any code, even code in books, can contain errors and I always want a chance to alert you to those errors (along with the fixes to go with them). The best way for me to discover those errors and to be able to provide you with fixes is if you tell me about the problem. As with my other books, I’ll usually upload the fixes right here, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for additions to the blog entries for this book.

Let me know about this and any other book-specific issue at I’m always interested in hearing from you about issues that make my books less helpful than they could be.