Beta Readers Required for a Java Book

I’m just starting a new book on Java. This book is meant for the beginner. I’m not assuming you’ve written one line of code in your entire life. The book content does assume that you’re at least familiar with your hardware and operating system, and that you’ve used some simple applications, such as a text editor. I’m really excited about this book because it uses some new forms of media to present the information to you. It’s not just a book, but an entire training course. This is going to part of the Dummies eLearning Kit series (see Windows 7 eLearning Kit as an example).

Naturally I want this book to be as perfect as I can make it. However, as I’ve pointed out in my Errors in Writing post, the more eyes I can get to look at my manuscript, the better. That’s where you come in. Beta readers provide the extra sets of eyes needed to turn a good book into a great book. Your input will affect everyone else who reads this book!

This isn’t just a Windows book either (although I’ll be including Windows as one of the operating systems). I’ll be working with Linux, Solaris, and Mac readers as well, so I really need a lot of eyes look at this book. As always, beta readers who send me constructive comments for at least three chapters will receive a free copy of the book. They’ll also see their name prominently displayed in the book Acknowledgments.

I’ll be turning in the first chapter soon, but there is still plenty of time to get going on this book. If you want to participate in this book project, just contact me at for all of the details. Anyone who has always wanted to discover the joys of programming in Java, a language with fantastic cross-platform support, will want to read this book. Get in on the ground floor and make a difference! No prior experience required! You absolutely don’t need to be a geek to get involved in this project .